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Teacher using phone to randomly pick student
An icon for the random name draw and grouping app called RandoMeister.

Randomly Pick and Group students. And quietly keep certain students from ending up in the same group with each other.

An icon for the classroom accountability app called Finished.

Keep track of who turned in what. For when you don't need a gradebook but you do need accountability & documentation.

An icon for the app called Office Discipline Referral.
Office Discipline Referral

Fill out and submit your school's discipline forms... without needing a clipboard and pen!

An icon for the creative math equation app called This=That.
This = That

A facts-practice activity that is both accesible to struggling students and challenging to advanced students.

An icon for the math facts activity called Terrific Triangle.
Terrific Triangle

Practice fact families using the standard triangle or "Math Mountain".

An icon for the app called Multiplication Baseball.
Multiplication Baseball

This fun, time-tested activity behaves just like the real board game and won't take control away from the players.

An icon for the word-order and sentence structure app called Sentence Wrangler.
Sentence Wrangler

Rearrange words in a sentence while trying to maintain the same meaning.

An icon for the fact-practice application called Math Practice.
Math Practice

A collection of simple facts-practice activities all rolled into one app.

An icon for the game called PingPop.

A game without a shred of academic value.

An icon for the Wordle Helper app.

A free utility to help solve Wordle games.

An icon for the Macintosh application called Dock Locker.
Dock Locker

Lock the OSX dock to keep apps from being removed.

An image showing self-correcting math worksheets.
Other Resources

Teacher resources: WODB, self-correcting math worksheets and a couple of video lessons.

LiveCode resources   An icon representing the LiveCode programming language.

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