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It's a game... without a shred of educational value.


An old-style arcade game with elements reminiscent of Breakout. And no, we're not claiming it has a shred of educational value (or originality). This was our first attempt at a game and intended to be more of an in-house exercise. But as it turned out to be somewhat playable... here it is.

Free:   There are no in-app purchases or advertisment banners.

Screen Shots

Thumbnail of an iPhone 6 displaying the first screen from the O.D.R. app.


System Requirements

Macintosh OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or later
Windows 7 or later


  • version  September 2021   -   Fixed an issue where the Mac version's custom window shape might not display correctly.

  • version 1.2.1  September 2019   -   Mac version is 64-bit and both platforms are code signed.

  • version 1.0   December 2006

  • Most of the motion calculations were handled by AnimationEngine, a LiveCode add-on by Malte Brill. Trigonometry was never our strong point so having a good motion / collision math resource (with a well thought out help section) was essential. Also, Malte supplied several example games with source code - a great learning tool that really helped get PingPop off the ground.

  • All sounds are out of the tm|Audio collection from Scott Rossi's tactile media. We regularly turn to this product for audio bits and bobs.

  • Written with Livecode   green LiveCode programming language icon
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