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Calendar Events

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The calendar makes use of Bootstrap, though with a bit of alternative formatting, this could be removed.
Some ISPs will let you install a version of LiveCode server yourself or you can use an ISP that has it preinstalled like hostm or LiveCode's own service.

Here is a bare bones example of what you get (along with some sample events.)
Here is an example of the calendar embedded in this website.


Place these files on your web server:

Create and upload event files with this compiled and code-signed app:

Or open it in the LiveCode IDE from this source code:


  • version 1.2.8   January 3, 2024 - (Source Code and compiled MacOS only) Fixed an ftp issue where the file could fail to upload onto the server. Mac application now runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon (ARM) processors.
  • version 1.2.7   October 8, 2023 - Added compatibility with MacOS 14 (Sonoma).. No feature changes.
  • version 1.2.6   January 28, 2023 - Added a “Save As…” feature. Usability improvements. Breaking Change: The expected name of the server folder that contains the event information has changed from “calendar” to “calendar_events_data ”
  • version 1.2.4   June 1, 2021 - improved the basic undo features. bug fixes
  • version 1.2.1   April 25, 2021 - encrypted preferences and added text styling for Side-Bar
  • version 1.2.0   April 19, 2021 - first public release

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