The QuiRksheets icon which is a stylied QR code.


Scan (and create) QR codes.


A simple and free QR code scanner with big text.

Free:   There are no in-app purchases, no advertisment banners and no direct links to social media.

Screen Shots

Thumbnail of an iPhone 5 displaying QuiRksheets' QR code-creation screen. Thumbnail of an iPhone 5 showing QuiRksheets scanning a QR code. Thumbnail of a landscape iPhone 5 showing the result of a scanned QR code.


App store badge with an apple and reflective gloss.

System Requirements

iOS 8.1 or later
For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


  • version 1.3  October 2018   -   improved support for iOS 12
  • version 1.1   October 2016   -   improved support for iOS 10
  • version 1.0   July 2016

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